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In order to decide who can be considered a potential candidate for phytotherapy we must have relevant information on the patient and his/her deasese which is the reason why we ask all patients to enclose all necessary medical documentation. Patients with prolactinoma should submit information on the following:   

1.  Tumor size (in millimeters) and directions of its spread
2.  Hormone status (prolactin, sex hormones) 
3.  Existence of visual disturbances
4.  Is the patient being treated by some kind of a dopamine agonist drug (drug name), dosage (mg), for how long and what are the side-effects, if any?  
5.  Has the patient had any type of surgery and how many?
6.  Has the patient been treated by radiosurgery? 
7.  Patient’s age when he/she was first diagnosed
8.  Subjective symptoms

     It would be best if you could scan the documents and send them to our e-mail address.  You can also fax the documents or send them by regular mail to our company address or fax number. You are free to visit us and bring along all your medical documentation, however, due to long distance, it will not always be possible. Based on the above mentioned information we will decide whether the patient is a good candidate for the treatment with phytotherapy. The patients who are treated by a dopamine agonist drug will continue to take their medications together with phytotherapy. Once the patient starts his/her phytotherapy, he/she should do regular medical examinations and should send us regularly all the latest test results. Based on this information we will be able to follow the results of phytotherapy. We undertake to keep your information secret and confidential. The results of the treatment in patients who respond positively to phytotherapy are evident after 5-6 months of treatment, but often much sooner than that, while the best results are achieved in patients who are treated with phytotherapy for 12 months or more. 
In general, good candidates for phytotherapy are:  

  • patients who had to stop their treatment with dopamine agonist drugs due to serious side effects of the drug or their treatment with such drugs is contraindicated due to other medical conditions (e.g. cardiac disease) or patients who respond poorly to prescription drug treatment

  • patients whose tumor has invaded the cavernous sinus region which made the tumor inoperable. In patients who respond positively to phytotherapy the tumor size may decrease as a result of phytotherapy and it can regress from the cavernous sinus region which can considerably increase the chances for performing successful surgical procedure with the result of complete tumor removal

  • patients on treatment with dopamine agonist drugs whose serum prolactin levels were only partially reduced since from our experience in most such patients combining phytotherapy with  dopamine agonist drugs results in complete normalization of prolactin levels and withdrawal of all adverse symptoms related to hyperprolactinemia, and women of reproductive age resume normal menstrual periods which increases the chances of pregnancy

  • patients diagnosed with microprolactinomas between 5 to 10 mm in diameter whose serum prolactin levels were three or more times the upper limit of the reference range before the beginning of prescription drug treatment

  • possible candidates for phytotherapy are patients treated by radiosurgery due to prolonged latency period following this kind of treatment, especially the patients with contraindications to dopamine agonist drugs therapy or who do not respond to such therapy

     We have presented here a brief overview of the possibilities for treating prolactinomas with phytotherapy. We are open to discuss any concerns you may have regarding this issue. The best way to contact us is via e-mail at:  
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